The turn of the season

For November, I’ve continued to improve my GIS skills. While this isn’t officially part of the internship, I presented at a GIS conference in early November! During the process of producing the project I presented, I also gained a lot of new technical skills that have been useful in my internship work. I also reached out to, and got back in touch with, with some kind, friendly colleagues that I had originally met back in Reno. Their support and professional connection has been terrific. We also met again in-person, this time at the latest retreat in Washington, DC, where I also live locally part-time. The retreat was an enlightening experience, and I enjoyed being able to bond with colleagues across the country. I particularly enjoyed the breakout sessions we had during meetings, where we got to learn a bit more about each other and how we could support each other in our work.

Since I live locally, I also brought up a restaurant, Ottoman Taverna, that a friend had told me about. It’s a Turkish restaurant and has been Michelin-recommended, and I had always wanted to try it. On the last day of the retreat, this wish was fulfilled and my team ended up eating here together.

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