Saguaros and The Sonoran Desert

When going to the Saguaro NP website, it reads “Icon of the Southwest” and “Delicate Balance.” After working here in the park, I understand what that means. One of the many facts that I learned is Saguaros take in a bunch of Carbon dioxide from the air and store it. This process is called carbon sequestration. After Saguaro cacti sequester tons of carbon out of the sky and are in the final stages of life, that carbon is mixed with other elements to make minerals. One of those minerals is Calcium carbonate, that mineral is left in the soil and helps other planets gather vital resources that will help them strengthen their skeletons. It is a give-and-take relationship with a final pay-it-forward life cycle. These beings’ last generations to absorb carbon dioxide to give us oxygen, and for their last kind gesture, leave their decaying “bodies” so that others may live. (Insert “We Are Groot” reference haha)

With Saguaro NP being an urban park, studies are being done on how pollution affects the natural resource world. Knowing what plants do for us we can help maintain that delicate balance by following the principles of only taking what we need and being mindful of how we use those limited precious resources. This can be seen by not using a monoculture front yard- you would be saving money on that water bill by the way. Plant native planets to have your mini–Sonoran Desert in your backyard and who knows maybe you will have a hummingbird friend you say hi to every morning. I learned a lot in this short time, it is incredible!!

Saguaro arm research project data collection.
World Migratory Bird Day event. People were excited to learn about hummingbirds and water conservation!!
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