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Wrapping up RAP

Right in sync with the end of the calendar year, it’s time for me to finish up my RAP term and move into my new role as a Public Affairs Specialist with the USFS Forest Products Lab! I’m excited to be starting a new position and grateful for everything I have learned over the past year. As an RA on the NFS BIL/IRA Coordination Team, I got to work with folks from across the Forest Service and learn about many national-level programs funded through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. I’m grateful to my supervisor and the rest of the team for giving me guidance as someone completely new to the Forest Service, and for the opportunity to work with several other RAs who joined our team in June. The RA program has been a great experience overall, and I hope it continues to grow in the future.

In my new role I will be transitioning away from the data management work I’ve been doing, and towards more science communication for the Lab. However, graphic design and data visualization have a lot in common, so I’m excited to continue growing my skillset in those areas. The Forest Products Lab does a lot of fascinating research and I’m also looking forward to learning more about the science happening there.

First though, it’s time to head back home for the holidays for some much needed down time.

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