Celebrating World Migratory Bird Day

Last weekend my crew and I planned and hosted a World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) event at Saguaro National Park, and it was a success! We had been planning it for about a month in advance and I have learned a lot about event planning and public outreach. Since this was the first time I’ve done anything like this, I’d admit I was a little overwhelmed at first with how much had to be figured out, but as we slowly made progress on the details, I grew more and more excited.

The day of the event we set up bright and early and prepared for the day. We had a poster board with information about WMBD, who we are, and how people can conserve water at home. We also had a spinning wheel with prizes that people could win–they just had to complete a short trivia quiz about hummingbirds and water first. This was a definite success, everyone was really excited about spinning the wheel and winning a prize, all while learning some new information! We had another table full of activities for kids (and adults too!); people can choose and color hummingbirds and flowers to design their own garden. Another really cool part of this event was that we had a guided bird walk for the public. We partnered with Saguaro National Park and Tucson Audubon Society to provide the best birding experience for guests. We also made sure to make Spanish versions for most of our materials so that we could reach diverse audiences. Overall, it was really fun to educate the public about WMBD and the work that we do. It was rewarding to see that all of our planning led to a successful event that helped foster a connection to birds, water, and the environment!

This is my final week here at Saguaro National Park, so sadly this will be my last blog post. I have learned so much these past 3 months and I have formed many connections with people, both personal and professional. I am grateful to have been able to do conservation work in the place that I love, the Sonoran Desert, with a fantastic crew. I am sad to leave but I am looking forward to continue learning and growing in my next opportunity. I hope to eventually come back and work for Saguaro National Park again. 

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