I have been so appreciative of my experience at the Environment for the Americas Internship at Saguaro National Park. Since the beginning of the internship, I have loved the variety of skills I have been able to acquire. We have experience doing vegetation removal, seed collection, invasive species management, archeological surveying, Saguaro arms data collection, tortoise telemetry, and so much more.


The staff at Saguaro is more than supportive seeking opportunities for each crew member’s personal goals to gain experience. This was done by seeking experience in interpretation for some of my fellow crew members, providing platforms for bird surveying for my other fellow crew members, and also providing me a platform to learn grant writing which I was personally very interested in. The skills we were not in a season to learn we still were lucky enough to be provided learning materials on the skills to still gain understanding and experience when direct application experience was not possible. The entire experience working at Saguaro was one with a highly supportive and encouraging atmosphere. As a crew, we were able to get a CPR Certificate as well as a Wilderness First Aid Certificate as well. 

The park found time to get us involved in the community through field trips to the Desert Museum as well as to the Watershed Management Group teaching us about water conservation and its importance in the desert. We were also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to organize a World Migratory Bird Day event that was very successful and enjoyable as sharing knowledge with the community was extremely rewarding. Since the beginning of the internship Environment for the Americas fully supported each crew member to have the tools to be properly prepared, and Saguaro National Park employees continued that support throughout the internship. 

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