The internship I have been fortunate enough to be able to experience has been one that has truly changed my life for the better. Yet the most inspiring part of working for a conservation corps is seeing the appreciation for our surroundings grow in not only my eyes but all of my fellow crew member’s eyes. 

Since the beginning of the internship, the appreciation for our surroundings has been alive in all of the eyes of my crew, and yet, I was able to witness it grow for the Sonoran desert we worked in. I witnessed this through other crew mates purchasing book after book on the interesting details of the desert. When I saw that learning about the desert became a pastime that went outside of work.

I witnessed this through all of the delighted photos of wildlife that circulated between us. I witnessed this while receiving pictures of rattlesnakes other crew members saw on hikes on our days off. I also remember having coworkers elated at seeing some wildlife that may be common for dwellers of the Sonoran desert, but not for others coming from elsewhere. I was able to share the joy of the first quail sighting. The first roadrunner sighting. The first desert tortoise sighting. All of these sightings I am lucky enough to have witnessed before this internship but to be able to share a first-time sighting moment with my fellow crew members was very special. I am grateful to have been able to learn more about my home in the Sonoran desert as well as being able to learn more about familiar faces of the Sonoran Desert through the lenses of my crew members.

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