Migratory Bird Day at Saguaro National Park!

Hello everyone! I am nearing the end of my season, and it has been a blessed opportunity to work with my favorite Saguaro National Park. Being an intern with EFTA and Saguaro has inspired me to continue learning more about how to help our environment, and it has brought life back into me and helped me determine what I would like to do with my future career. The crewmates working alongside me and other interns I have met are fascinating people with incredible passions. 


One of many favorite activities is our World Migratory Bird Day event hosted at the Pollinator Garden, East Saguaro National Park. We got up dark and early to set up, and never has there been any closer teamwork than that day. Our hard work over the last weeks showed, with a beautiful posterboard, informative pamphlets, educational books, and also a spinning wheel with a quiz I made. Mario and other Spanish-fluent crewmates even wrote Spanish versions of the pamphlets to spread the word since the Southwest has a Hispanic majority.

We were fortunate to have many people, especially tourists, come to our stands with questions and support. It is exciting to be able to teach non-locals about our hummingbirds and how they interact with all the cacti and other nectar-rich plants. I especially loved the drawing/coloring table managed by crewmate Jacqueline. Seeing people of all ages interested in designing their gardens and learning more about the hummers was beautiful. 

This year’s theme was also water, and we know water is life. Take some time to look at local resources for water conservation tips for home use and set up some flowing water fountains for your local birds. 


Costa's Hummingbird, also known as the "Jewel of the Desert."
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