The Office!!!

Within the few months that I’ve been working as a Program Assistant Intern I’ve realised just how important this role is when it comes to the Law Enforcement and Investigations side of the US Forest Service. We partake in purchasing, managing the budget for our zone, setting LEOs up with travel, assisting varies counties with funding and so much more. When an issues come about and trust me there’s always one problem after another, we are asked to take care of it. Sometimes we get lost and frustrated becuase there are so many websites, phone calls, and loop holes that Program Support Assistants have to navigate through that make us want to throw our hands up and vanish without a trace. Though if we did that we’d be putting a lot of stress on our Patrol Captains and our LEOs. This position requires a lot but can be very rewarding once the work is complete. I enjoy this position and the things that I’ve been learning.

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