Making Progress

As of late I’ve been working on a lot of Forest Protection Officer documentation. A lof of employees wanted to become an FPO which provides a lot of help to the LEOs through the region. These FPOs can give out warnings and citations similar to a Law Enforcement Officer and with less than ten LEOs patroling the three forests in the NWZ they provide a lot of help. The FPO documentation has many steps but to keep it short there’s a lot of emailing, filing, and signing that goes into getting them FPO certified. I’ve also been given the opportunity to travel to a ranger station in Grand Marais to help out with permits and other work pertaining to the boundary waters. It was nice to meet some other interns as well. They were all still in college and through another program not related to RAP but I believe the interns got a lot of similar benefits like we did. Minnesota overall is an extremely nice place to live.

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