Onward March!

As I carry on with the progression of my internship I continue to meet new people. I’ve met almost all the LEO’s from our zone and I have learned a lot from what each one of them had to say about being part of the US Forest Service. They are extrememly good people, very outgoing and fun to be around. You would thing the opposite with the job position that they are placed in and how strict and demanding they have to be. Also, I don’t think I mentioned this before but being a Pogram Assistant Intern comes with some perks. Two days out of the week I’m needed in the office but the other three I can work from home. Working from home with all the snow on the ground in Minnesota is so beneficial. I’m from Texas so this is my first time actually driving in any snow. It’s not as bad as I imagined but I like not having to drive in it every morning. The Supervisors Office is also very quiet and every once and awhile we’ll have safety meetings or do a cookout with some burgers. It’s a really nice experience getting to do my internship at this location.

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