About Monarchs: Outreach and Education

End of Summer

Throughout the summer I had all types of adventures and experiences while doing site visits. The last of my field work jobs consisted of doing baseline monitoring at potential native habitat sites. Here I took note of the biodiversity of the site, including plants, animals, and insects. Under the guidance of my coordinator at MJV, Erin Arnsteen, we gave great suggestions for habitat implementation and management of sites for this planting season. As we reached the end of field season, I had to say goodbye to my outdoor work for the year. Then I stepped out of my comfort zone…


The Rise of Webinars

My colleague, Johanna Rivera (MJV/EFTA) and I, collaborated on many projects throughout our term. First, what was at first a daunting task to me, creating a live webinar for our Monarchs & More Westen Habitat program participants. Johanna and I created approximately 30 minutes of monarch basics; including topics on pollinators, monarch migration, and identification. This was something I had never done for a job and was nervous of showcasing our work on a Zoom call. I was able to put my fears aside by realizing we had worked hard on the presentation and were prepared. After the first time presenting, it became much easier to do. Soon, we were even creating a Spanish version of the same presentation! Personally, this was the most gratifying project, since we could now include a whole new audience into the world of monarchs. 


Mapping Projects

Finally, we worked on a few other projects that consisted of remote sensing and ArcGIS work. Which allowed me to continue expanding my knowledge and gave me the confidence to take on different projects. For the remote sensing project, we manually selected part of an image to program our field drones to identify these aspects. And the ArcGIS project was to help quantify habitat by creating shapefiles from landowners’ plots. Although it took me a bit of trial and error, these turned out to be a lot of fun to work on! 

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