Recent Adventures!

It’s been awhile since I last posted, and I’ve been all over the country since then, taking advantage of a hybrid job, of course! I had another house/dog-sitting gig in Stockton Springs, Maine during the month of November. This was my first time in Maine, and I was finally in the timezone of all of my coworkers. Funnily enough, despite being in a very rural town, I actually ran into one of my coworkers at a coffee shop. We chatted for an hour or two over coffee about life and the NE Climate Hub, and she later took me on a super cool hike in the area. I did a bit of exploring myself and made a trip out to Acadia, which was quite impressive. It felt good to actually experience the climate in the northeast, and now I no longer feel like a fraud for working at the hub!

After Maine, I took a train to Boston for one day then spent Thanksgiving with my friends in Minnesota before heading to Oregon for the holidays with my family. I can’t express how much I’ve appreciated the mobility this internship allows! Things are starting to slow down as February draws near, but I’m going out with a bang and working on some really cool research briefs and infographics on forest carbon markets and climate change risks to dairy farms in the northeast. 

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