Marmot Moment

As my time as a Resource Assistant (RA) is coming to an end. I’d like to reflect on what I’ve accomplished. Recently I helped with submitting the first round of Community Wildfire Defense Grant data into the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) so that it will be accessible to the public. The process involved documenting metadata and symbolizing the data on a map for a presentation. After the presentation a committee had to vote whether the data should be added to the EDW.  For the second round of the grant, I kept track of which questions on the application needed the most attention during the verification step of the grant to help make directions more precise in future grant application rounds. I used some of my development funds to take an online Intro to Website Development class at Waubonsee Community College and it was fun to learn HTML and CSS. Below is a picture of a marmot in Lamoille Canyon, NV. I used it for my background photo for meetings on Teams. Sometimes if my webcam had an issue, I did not appear on the screen and it looked like whomever I had a meeting with was talking to a marmot. Working from home was a great experience and even though I rarely saw my coworkers in person, I still felt like I connected with everyone and my rare “marmot moments” brought lots of laughs.

Special thanks to Brad and Tim from Cooperative Fire for giving me the opportunity to work on the Community Wildfire Defense Grant, Mike for helping me with submitting the data to the EDW, Keith and Craig for their guidance throughout my time as a RA. I will miss working with everyone and the other GIS RAs. The skills I learned were important for when I was interviewing for my new job. I have accepted a remote GIS geology role with an environmental consulting firm. Even though I am not staying in the U.S. Forest Service it was a great experience and I recommend it to anybody who is curious about what it is like to work for the federal government.

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