Keitreice leaning down against Carin Basket

Why you should always thank your local trail workers

Trail work at the Red Rock Ranger District is sometimes very strenuous work.

Landslide on Trail, blocking bath
Landslide removed from trail to  beside the trail

Trail work entails approaching a challenge like this…

…and turning it into a path like this

Person in hardhat using chainsaw to buck a tree
Person in hardhat using a handsaw to finish bucking a tree

Sometimes we have to finish the job with the less powerful tool. In this series of images tells a story: In short: the electric chainsaw was not the tool for this job it took 3 full batteries, a handsaw, and 4 wedges to get this tree removed from the trail.

Some stages of a boardwalk project:

We approach something like broken down railings and soggy mud

Then we install these boards to make for a much better hiking experience as well as taking the stress off the natural resources

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