Trees blocking path

Crosscuts, Chainsaws, and Rock Saws!

In my time at Coconino National Forest, I have become skilled in some really cool power tools.

Crosscut in Action,

Crosscuts are used for bucking and felling. Bucking is removing downed trees while felling is taking down standing trees. I am certified class A bucking sawyer for the crosscut. This tool is mostly handy in the wilderness where you cant have mechanized equipment.

Chainsaw in Action.

Chainsaws are used for bucking and felling. In my experience I mostly bucked trees from the trail using this super handy tool! I am a certified class A sawyer bucking and felling.

Rocksaw running through medium sized rock in mud
Rocksaw in Action.

Rocksaws are good at shaping and cutting through rocks. We use them primarily when building rock steps, which is how we get our steps to look so great! This tool requires a lot of water to keep the blade cooled down which is why this photo is so muddy!

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