Red Rock Mountains framing overlook of the city of Sedona

What I Will Miss Most About Being A RAP Intern

I have really adored my time in the RAP program and there will be many things I will miss in the Coconino Forest!

Snowy ground, rock bag lightly dusted in snow in upper right corner, shovel handle in lower left corner lightly dusted in snow
The Beauty in a Snowy Work Day
Lizard holding on by two arms hanging on to window screen
This Little Lizard Always Visiting Me When I Had to Work Office Days
Workers standing on rocks, moving rocks
Playing Tetris with Rocks (It’s actually a really important concept of rock work)
Muddy pants and shoes
Basically Playing in the Dirt, Trail Work is just One Giant Zen Garden
3 workers smiling on rock staircase
Building with my Coworkers

man giving 2 thumbs up posing in front of cave
Exploring with my Mentor
People Posing for photo in front of vehicles
The Volunteers

View of mountains with green  landscaping in fore front
The Scenery

My time as a RAP intern has been such a fun learning experience. I have gained a lot of knowledge from a lot of different people here that I can apply anywhere I go from here. Although I stepped into this position, with only my assumptions- knowing nothing about trail work, I am walking away with a years worth of knowledge beyond trail work. I know what it takes to be a project manager behind the scenes, how to write a NEPA public scoping document, how to use power tools I never thought I’d use, how to backpack properly; I have learned how to build so many things. Thank you to all the people that have poured into me in this position I am forever grateful.

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