Accessing Resources

The Forest Service is a well-oiled machine in the process of supplying lumber but is also responsible for sourcing these materials. Responsible timber management entails ensuring that future generations will have available resources like we do today. Timber platform framing is the most popular building practice of residential buildings, this means most of you reading this have materials in your home that were harvested from federally managed land. Also, a large percentage of the nation’s drinking water originates from the watersheds of these forests. The pulp production from the timber ensures we will have an adequate supply of paper. Regeneration is a natural process and, in some cases, a very rapid process. Managing this process properly is a major win for everyone.

               These National Forests are water filters for the nation drinking water but also air filters for the world. These areas provide rich biodiversity as well as amazing recreation sites. These forests are regularly visited by many of you and have had an impact on your lives. Now were I fit into this puzzle as a Civil Engineer is access. Ensuring safe access for the public and our partners is top priority and enables people to see more of this beautiful country.

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  • Peter Chan
    Posted at 12:58h, 29 February