Exploring The San Juan National Forest


 Snowmobile Inspections in the San Juan National Forest 

I am working for the San Juan National Forest Special Uses program! Pictured above is my supervisor and I on one of our recent inspections. My position includes working directly with the Outfitter and Guide companies that have permitted use on the National Forest. We do the billing, documentation, permitting, inspections, and much more. I had the opportunity to receive snowmobile training that gave me enough experience to feel comfortable scheduling and participating in inspections with several winter Outfitters and Guides. These photos are from my recent inspections with Snowmobile Adventures and Ice Pirates, two of these companies that offer snowmobile tours to the public. 

Inspections ensure that the company is following the regulations and rules outlined in its permits and operating plans. When doing an inspection, we ensure that the company has a copy of their permit, carries a first aid kit, and some form of communication device (this varies from cell phones, radios, and inReach devices depending on the company). We also have an inspection report that has several more things we check for ranging from ensuring that any vehicles the company uses are up to standard with State and Federal registration requirements, to environmental impacts on their sites of operation on the forest.  

Views from the Mountains

One of the highest points we ventured to on my snowmobile tour and inspection with Ice Pirates.

Another photo from the tour with Snowmobile Adventures. They operate up at Purgatory Ski Resort, and guide trips behind the resort. 

The cool kids call snowmobiles sleds.
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