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Southern California scarcely has rain. In Los Angeles where I grew up, rain quickly comes and goes. It visits, never stays. Since I’ve arrived in Olympia, WA, I’ve only seen dry ground twice. When I wake up it’s raining, when I go to bed it’s also raining. But it never really pours. At its lightest, the rain falls as a mist. The trees and buildings collect the dew and it all condenses into droplets and things slowly pick up the rhythm of rain. 

The first time I bought groceries, the checkout clerk asked me where I was from. I told them, and to my surprise, they told me they were from San Diego. I joked about missing the sun, she told me that it wouldn’t come back until July. I really couldn’t believe that, so I checked with others. They told me the sun definitely comes back sooner than that. 

Now that I’ve spent a month here, the rain, grey, and cold haven’t been bad at all. I’ve enjoyed the change. It’s lush here and the trees are a beautiful substitute for LA skyscrapers. Flocks of birds dominate the silver sky and even the cold is pleasant in that it always gives me an excuse to have a hot chocolate. I have, however, been surprised by the lack of snow. 

I’ve overheard locals mention several times how this has been one of their warmest winters. A weak wind will give me chills and a strong one hurts my face from how cold it is. If this was warm, what was cold?  But Washington, like every other place in the world, has been feeling the effects of climate change.

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