Having a Northern Attitude

Moving to Alaska has been a hard transition for me, not because I’m from California or because I’m not used to this type of climate and isolation. It’s because I moved thousands of miles away from everything I had back home, friends and loved ones. That’s not to say that I haven’t been away before. I’ve left before to go work for the National Park Service in Colorado but that was closer and a shorter season for me. I was always instilled with the notion that comfort is the death of growth. That being said, I hope to grow as a person, mentally and physically. So when I do return home someday I can be living proof that to grow sometimes you have to let go. So while I’m stationed here in Tongass National Forest I will open myself to growth while at the same time helping others grow by teaching them all I can about nature, and why we should cherish it. Nature is a part of us, we imitate each other, we grow the same and fall the same. In the end, we all want the same thing, to live and grow in the sunlight.

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