Double Life

In the morning, I wake up a US Forest Service intern. At night, I fall asleep a coach for the New York Red Bulls. The truth is, I live… a double life.

Okay so I do have two jobs, but without the whole intrigue of the spy double life, unfortunately. As you are all aware, I am a resource assistant with the USFS but that isn’t my only job. I also spend my non-Forest Service hours working as a youth soccer coach with the New York Red Bulls- a professional soccer team here in the New York City area (but entirely in New Jersey, shhhh, don’t let anyone know I told you that).

(Sunglasses included for privacy and coolness)

While it’s exhausting working nearly 70 hours some weeks, it’s awesome to have the two forms of income and most importantly, to be doing two jobs that I’m actually interested in and enjoy. I’ve always loved soccer and have been playing since the age of five so to be able to coach with a soccer team that I grew up looking up to is really a dream come true. Now I can’t take any credit for coaching the professional players- but just being in and around the club is a really awesome experience.

And of course, my greatest passion is for the natural world and I get to feel like I’m making a positive influence in regard to the natural world with my RA position.

It can be a lot of work these days, but since I’m doing work that I care about and that feels important to me, I feel happy and fulfilled! I hope I get an opportunity to continue to do both as my careers progress.

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  • Katherine Shorten
    Posted at 19:44h, 20 March

    Coach em up!