The One with All the Acronyms

My first weeks as an ra

Welcome to an inside look at my first few weeks at the USDA USFS RO for Region 4. If that seemed like a lot of acronyms then buckle up, it was only a glimpse into the Forest Service lingo. These first few weeks as a climate change RA have been consumed with a lot of learning; learning the acronyms, the government policies, and the names of so many people.

Post Covid many of the USFS employees either work from home or primarily work from home and rarely come in the office. During my first week, the SO hosted an “All Resources” training for all of their natural resource employees with 40+ individuals in attendance! During my third week as an RA, the RO held a spring cleaning initiative with another great turnout of approximately 30 people in the office that day.

Fun fact: Paul seems to be a very popular name within the FS!

“If that seemed like a lot of acronyms then buckle up…”

The Intermountain Region is comprised of federal lands in Nevada, Utah, southern Idaho, eastern California, and western Wyoming. I have the privilege of getting to work with the R4 Regional Offices, RO, as well as the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache, UWC, Supervisors Office, SO. One of the fun excursions this month was a visit to the Weber Basin Job Corps, a civilian conservation center operated by the U.S. Forest Service where students learn trades that can help them start successful careers. The UWC has made big efforts to work closely with the Weber Basin Job Corps by hiring these students for specific jobs that encourage them to utilize their newly learned trades.

Stay tuned to see what next month has in store for this climate change RA!

Weber Basin job corpse presentation

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