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Hello again! I am pleased to report that I am having such an amazing time working for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GOGA)! The scenery is just magnificent, the people are wonderful and I am learning more and more about aquatic ecology every day. I almost don’t ever want to leave!

The GOGA 2023/2024 interns getting ready to plant bulrush at the Upper Rodeo Gully.

One of my goals for this internship was to create friendships with my fellow EFTA interns. However, I was very nervous when I first moved into the dorm, as I arrived a month after everyone else and I didn’t know if they were going to be happy having a “new person” try to join their group. To my luck, everyone was super welcoming and were even counting down the days until I arrived! The day I arrived, they invited me to join them that weekend to explore San Francisco. Since then, we continue to do all sorts of activities as a group!

One of my favorite memories with my cohort so far has been our trip to Napa where we camped at the Bothe-Napa Valley State Park. We stayed in a yurt, which none of us have ever done before and went on a 7-mile hike. It was so fun exploring the park! The next morning, we drove into town and walked around downtown Calistoga, which was such a nice area filled with shops and restaurants. We stopped at a very cute cafe where I got one of the best tea lattes ever!

As I am writing this, several of us are planning to go to a hot yoga class later tonight. Another first for all of us! I feel so grateful that I get to make these wonderful memories with such wonderful people. Shanelle at EFTA really did the best job at hiring the coolest people for this years GOGA cohort.

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