Life in the Great Indoors

When I first heard I would be writing a blog for Environment for the Americas I felt daunted, frustrated, even confused. What could I, a mere data analyst sitting at my desk, have to share with the world to excite and inspire? How could I compare my remote position to the adventurous expeditions of my EftA colleagues, traversing through the great outdoors, discovering new creatures and experiences along the way?

But as my Apprenticeship progresses, I find myself increasingly enthusiastic about my work and eager to share the day to day of my position. Most of all, I go to bed each night feeling satisfied that the work I’m doing is important and exuberant about the ways in which I can create and share knowledge to the Forest Service and beyond.

Officially, my title is Geospatial Data Analyst and I do indeed spend most of my days looking at data and maps- rendering my position title rather accurate. I work with the BIL/IRA Coordination team in the NPO which is a part of the WO. Confused yet? Fantastic, that means you’re paying attention! The Forest Service loves their acronyms. My team coordinates funding from and assists with the completion of provision tasks for the BIL (Bipartisan Infrastructure Law) and the IRA (Inflation Reduction Act). This team is a part of the NPO (National Partnerships Office) which is a subsection of the WO (Washington Office); thus, I don’t report to a specific forest, but rather work remotely from New Jersey on behalf of the centralized team in Washington DC.

So far, I’ve spent most of my time assisting in the creation of online map tools. With that being said, my more recent efforts have been towards the creation of a map product that might help with decision making on a small scale, or potentially even on a much larger policy-making scale. The implications of this product are yet to be completely clear. I’ll let you know if it’s my map product that ends up influencing policy decisions near you, so stay posted! Oh yeah, don’t forget to hit like and subscribe!

Sending my best to everyone out there!

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