Spring is Springing!!

Spring is here! The field days have been filled with new friends and discoveries. Almost every day I am introduced to a new plant, fungi, and/or wildlife. I have been creating a list of all the plants I have come across in the field. It has been extremely enjoyable trying to learn more about plants and their scientific names as well.

California Poppy
Star Lily
Mourning Cloak Butterfly
Blue Dicks
Coast Paintbrush
Scarlet Cup Fungi
Checker Lily
American Lady Butterfly
Slender Salamander
Banana Slug

I have been working in many new locations across the park gaining new skills, from Tennessee Valley down to Pacifica. Enjoying all the amazing views and work I have been doing. French broom is a common invasive species I have been removing a lot in the field as well as velvet grass. I love leaving the work day knowing that I had a positive impact on the footprint of the area that was infested with these invasive plants. There are many different types of invasive species in the park even trees! I recently saw a gurgled eucalyptus tree and was interested in the methods they used to kill the tree instead of just cutting it down. At a different site, I worked on hand sawing down Chilean mayten invasive trees while Jesse treated the stumps with herbicide. Natural resource management is not an easy job because each site is different in its own way and needs its original plan of how to best manage the land.

Girdled Eucalyptus Tree
The Chilean Mayten trunk that I handed sawed
Cut stump treatment with herbicide
Cageing lupine plants
Red-legged Frog survey
Rainy days pulling French Broom


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