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Hello everyone! 

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Featured Photo: a picture of Shane smiling, holding his long white cane, wearing his cap and gown after college graduation.

My name is Shane, and I am interning with Birdability this Spring/Summer. I am from Mansfield Massachusetts, and I am a recent Westfield State University graduate. I love dirt bikes and fixing things in my free time, along with various woodworking projects. I am excited for this internship to be able to gain experience in making National Parks and birding more accessible. 

The first site I will be working at here in Mass is the Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site. Here is a video showing the history of the Iron Works! 

I love the rich history of the site, and how this Iron Works played a part in our separation from England.

So far, I have been learning about the Iron Works and Salem Maritime National Historic Site (the other location I will be covering). Link to each site Saugus- Salem-

This week I attended a webinar on an introduction to birding focusing on bird identification by sight or by ear. I also met with my Environment for the Americas and National Park supervisors, Chavisa and Andrew, to discuss goals and expectations for the coming weeks. I was also able to have a one-on-one discussion with a local birder about his experience birding blind. Here are some interesting websites about Jerry.

This is Jerrys personal website

Jerry spoke about his passion for birding, and I got a chance to ask about what tools and resources were available, here are some we discussed. 

Merlin Bird ID app for bird identification 

eBird app for cataloging birds in your area 

Audubon Bird Guide app 

I’m looking forward to learning more about birding and accessibility as well as learning more about the rest of the team! 

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