The Lay of the Land

The Lay of the Land

This country was built upon the surface of the land. Accurately depicting this surface has been a challenge since the beginning of human existence. Without an accurate lay of the land you may get lost, hurt, or end up in the middle of a swamp. Providing  safe access is the name of the game.

However, I also like to get off the trail and this is where high precision topography and maps come into play. Some times you wonder so far off trail you may become close to a property line. We do not want you to trespass and neither does the homeowner. How can we avoid this? By accurately depicting the boundaries and making this info available. These surveys are legal documents submitted to the local government.

The surface of earth is constantly changing. So surveying is not a one and done event. Swelling soil fluctuating between permafrost to saturation make elevations change. Erosion is also a big factor for changing surfaces but also the introduction of organic material from fallen trees is another. Not to mention tectonic plate movement. So use these maps to traverse our forest lands safely and be respectful to land owners in the areas you travel. Nature is some thing to be enjoyed by everyone. We also do this work to ensure future generations get to have the opportunity to connect with these very same lands.

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