Keeping up with Hope <3

We are two months in and loving it.

This month has been pretty long. At the beginning I visited Laramie. I got a chance to visit Tie City Campground, tour the current office, and hang out with my coworkers. Now yall know I am a CITYYYY GIRL, so moving to a small town is a first that I am excited to experience. Laramie is so cute >.< I love supporting small and local business and I like there is just enough big chain establishments present in town. One of the biggest differences I am happy to get used to is seeing so much of the sky and landscape, something we do not get much of in cities of concrete towers. Sunset is my favorite time of the day, so I am ecstatic to take pictures and bask in the beauty of the setting sun. Also cannot wait to go star gazing during the summer! I went on a few housing tours and was able to secure a place!

One of the downtown streets. Fun Fact: I met my current roommate at the Library (the yellow bar on the corner) 🙂

Once I got back I took a trip to El Salvador, it was a much needed vacation. I got right back into the groove of things once I returned. I have been learning so much about Timber Sale Road packages. Did you know that some roads are brought up to a certain level of maintenance just to be used for a timber sale??? AND that sometimes after a sale the roads are converted to trails! In addition, I am working on a campground redesign project and will soon start a project for public affairs. I love that I my Whos Who project has me interviewing and getting to know everybody on my team, it has been so interesting talking to everybody and very fun creating the poster. I am truly enjoying all the opportunities I am dabbling in right now. There’s a cyclist event happening the weekend I move and I’m hoping to score a bike.

Will keep yall posted.

The view driving back from tie-city campground. …. just LOOK at all that sky


Your fav mountain girlie <3

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  • Katherine Shorten
    Posted at 13:24h, 02 April Reply

    I love reading the adventures of Hope

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