Another day, another delay

Hi again RAP 8! It’s been another month of all things carbon, and I don’t have the news that I hoped I would at this point. There have been some delays in the Carbon Partnership Program launch, but what is public service without a few hurdles to jump over??

Something I’ve found very useful in the short time at the USFS has been conducting informational interviews. I know most of us are wanting to explore permanent positions in the agency after this internship, including myself. To get a better idea of what kind of positions are out there for me, I’ve been reaching out to people and chatting with them for 20-30 minutes about what they do. I even interviewed my mentor and learned about what her professional journey has looked like up to this point!

Some things I’ve plugged into:

  • Incorporating DEIJ+ principles into the Carbon Partnership Program! The Equity Summit was an amazing learning opportunity for this, and I hope to have a much more fleshed out strategy to put equity and justice at the forefront of the CPP.
  • Sustainable Operations – the USFS has a Sustainable Operations department under the Office of Sustainability and Climate, and I’m exploring some ways that I can meaningfully contribute to their mission. It’s outside of my program, which makes it all the more exciting and I hope to pick up some new skills along the way!
  • Environment Virginia Conference – this conference will take place during the second week of April. Virginia is my home state, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to attend this conference where I’ll meet tons of environmental professionals who are doing a lot of meaningful work to provide a healthy environment for fellow Virginians. Stay tuned for more on this.

That’s all for now! More updates on CPP to come next month (fingers crossed).

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