Melting Snow

As the snow starts to melt in Ashley National Forest recreation opportunities will quickly change. During the winter the Ashley offers a variety of snow sports including cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and much more. As the snow melts and conditions are becoming more icy these recreation opportunities are changing. In the winter months there are yurts and guard stations available for visitors to rent. As we move into the spring these facilities will close as the trails will soon not have the snow coverage for skiing or snowshoeing and the roads are still impassable due to melting snow and muddy conditions. While these are closed we are preparing for the spring season and the opening of campgrounds. Before each campground opens we are performing routine maintenance, clearing trees, cleaning out fire rings, ensuring bathrooms are clean, and preparing for fee collection. These campgrounds will start opening in April and we will continue to open them weather permitting based on the amount of snow there is blocking each road.

The image above shows one of the guard stations in Ashley National Forest that can be rented out during the winter and summer.
The image above shows me snowmobiling in the forest to perform maintenance on one of the guard stations in the forest, one of the ways that we get around the forest in the winter.

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