April Showers!

Still a lot of snow are here in the Mammoth Ranger District, but summer is approaching quickly! Right now I’m wrapping up the busy season in terms of special uses as all our summer permittees submitted their applications at the end of January and I’m working on finishing all those by May. Once that’s done, it’s more of managing the shorter-term requests like wedding and filming permits before our next round of applications are due at the end of July for the winter permits. Winter permits aren’t as high in quantity as our summer permits, so I think it’ll make for a mellow summer workload. Well computer workload that is, luckily, I will be staying busy with the best part of this job… monitoring! AKA going to see the backpacking guides, the marinas, fishing guides, pack stations, etc. – those are all our permittees and it’s good business to shake some hands, meet the people and go out to make sure they’re doing everything they said they would be doing on our permit. I’m excited to get to do that this summer, we have a lot permittees on our district that involve a lot of cool business! And in terms of seasons here in the Mammoth Ranger District, summer is always my favorite. The days are long and temperatures max out around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the local lakes are only 10 minutes from my house and so many trails to hike.

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