March Madness in Mammoth

I’m no stranger to how spring weather works up here in higher elevations (aka a lot of snow), but every year I always hope that somehow this would be the year of a true green spring. We were blessed with 3-4 days of beautiful warmer weather and blue skies, only to be followed by many snowstorm weather patterns throughout the month. Anyways, enough about the weather around here, I’m also having a great time learning this new role as Special Uses Permit admin, I’ve finished multiple outfitting and guide permits already and looking to try an event permit next. The processes aren’t too complicated, but I still need guidance here and there for random things that pop up. And my boss has been great which makes a world of difference in a job so I’m extremely grateful for that!

The only bummer that has come up so far is the hiring freeze. As of right now, there won’t be any hiring in the Forest Service which includes my position even with a DHA. It’s frustrating to feel like you finally have a good path laid out in front of you only to be forced down a different path after all that. I guess all I can do at this point is hope the budget changes in the near future and/or look into other positions or opportunities in the Forest Service. I am very grateful to have this position regardless of the hiring freeze because I know it’s a wonderful opportunity that will pay off in the long run, one way or another! Here’s to another month done, and many more exciting ones to come – summer can’t come soon enough 🙂

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