Reconnecting with Nature + Outreach

Recently, a friend and I drove up to Muir Woods as we heard a lot of good things about the accessibility of the trails. 

The path we took from the parking lot to the trailhead was unpaved, muddy, uneven, and eroded by disruptions from tree roots, but a majority of the actual main trail was main out of boardwalk, which was really nice, especially as it was raining so heavily the day we went. My friend and I didn’t hate the rain though. The hazy vibes not only made us feel like we were in a Studio Ghibli but it also made the trees smell so good. 

The atmosphere of the woods really reminded me of the nature-scape of the Korean mountains, a place that holds a lot of bitter-sweet memories for me. At that place and point in my life, I could not even stand for a single stop on the subway without feeling immense pain and fatigue and needing to sit down. My conditions have improved greatly, but the residual memories of those times have made venturing into nature difficult. But that’s exactly why I found this trip with my friend so meaningful and why I am always so happy to see efforts to make nature more accessible. 

In regard to the progress of our pilot event, currently, we are working on outreach. When Mo and I talked to Paul, a leader within the Birdability community, he informed us that outreach would be difficult, which I have found to be true. However, thinking about the calming and healing time my friend and I had exploring Muir Woods reminded me that the outdoors is meant to be shared. Thus, despite all the phone call anxieties and humbling fumbles I have had while attempting outreach, I will continue to try my best!!

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