The Real World: Laramie

It’s been a full month of living in Laramie 😣🥰

Someone told me they can tell I’m not from here because I’m excited to go star gazing in the summer. *laughing emoji* It is a common phenomenon that people will overlook the aspects of their hometown that visitors will marvel over and plan a trip just to experience. So, it’s safe to say that I’m sticking out like a sore thumb out here. And that’s okay! 

Views 🫶🏼

I’ve been trying to attend as many community activities as possible. Earlier this month, there was an international food festival for a week. I got to try out great appetizers and some drinks with my roomie for an extremely affordable price. I will check out the trails in the city when the weather starts to pick up since it still randomly snows here, and the locals say it will continue until the end of May… 

April 10th. By the end of the day it was sunny and you couldn’t see a lick of snow on the ground. 🥴

My internship projects are coming along nicely! I finally got to print the Public Service team poster. Quite a few people reached out to compliment my work! I even heard that a couple other departments are interested in doing something similar for their team. I have tentative plans to visit the other districts, explore their respective sites in person. Field season starts within the next 6 weeks or so and I’m excited! I have to do field surveys for my campground redesign projects. My two sites are currently under snow and do not typically open until late May/early June. It’ll be my first-time doing surveying and I’m eager to learn this new skill.  

I attended a fee implementation proposal presentation earlier this month. It was hosted in Cheyenne, WY in the building that’s home to both the Wyoming State Archives and State Museum! It’s evident that consideration is truly taken when developing the proposal for both Medicine Bow and Shoshone National Forests and revising it based on public feedback. A majority of the feedback comments emphasized the affordability for families to camp if campground fees were to rise. Growing up I loved going on road trips with my dad, stared in awe at the landscape as we passed through different terrain. However, I was never explicitly exposed to National Forests or outdoor recreational activities. I believe there is a lack of investment in educating communities in cities about outdoor recreational activities they can participate in locally. I saw outdoor activities portrayed in movies and tv shows; however, they were never presented as a possibility for people like me. I’m happy I now have the opportunity where these activities no longer feel out of range for me. 

I’ve never seen a wind farm in person. It’s so pretty.

My birthday is in a few days. Not sure what I should do… hmmmm…I wonder…. until next time….


Your favorite Mountain Girlie 

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