Bring EndNote Flowers

Hola everyone! Alexander here reporting from what is already my fourth month with the RAP program. Work with the PSC Deputy Director Team has settled into a bit of a routine, check ins the morning with my mentor, and then meetings in the afternoon since we work with folks in mountain and pacific time zones so that leaves the mornings to get the bilk of my work done. Workwise the number of things has been drastically reduced, my work has been primarily EndNote and our reference related SharePoint site which has slowly evolved in scope and content since I have been working on it. Currently working on a training section for people to use EndNote depending on their assigned task. I feel more comfortable working on some things and collaborating since things have moved away from editing to librarian work which is something I am more experienced with. The reason my work has been more limited to EndNote including doing data entry with it is because our project/effort for managing planning references with EndNote is because we have a contractor to do a lot of the data entry while we curate the data itself. Unfortunately, the contract got off to a rough start in April and hasn’t really picked up speed and there is a possibility that the contract might be cancelled which would require my mentor and I to do data entry for a while until we could come up with another solution. That means that they’ve had me doing data entry so I can quickly get up to speed. The last work-related thing I will mention is that our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which I mentioned in previous blogs has started to be picked up by other units/groups in the Forest Service which is an exciting but anxious proposition has we get outside feedback and keep tweaking it. Besides work I have started to train a bit for the pack test related to getting my fire card. I don’t want to do frontline fire, but I want to do fire support after my internship either if I get permanent employment or freelance. I have been going for walks/jogs/runs of varying intensity and varying weight on a weighted vest. I have been doing that for a couple of weeks and I got a Garmin smartwatch to better track my health and fitness. As a sidenote, it rained here in Puerto Rico for 17 or 18 afternoons in a row so I will include a picture of the mountain valley near my home after some torrential rains.

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