Field Season Just Around the Corner

During April I was able to complete some of the projects I have been working on throughout the internship. We have been updating maps for the forest which was a very time-intensive process but has also taught me a lot about GIS.

Since finishing those, I have been able to begin the planning process for the summer fieldwork I will be doing. As a part of this project, I will be traveling across the forest to many different sites. The fieldwork process will begin this month as it warms up here in Laramie. There are some limitations on how deep into the forest I will be able to go until later in the summer because of the amount of snow still present. Nevertheless, I am excited to get out of the office and into the field to explore Medicine Bow-Routt.

This internship provides a unique opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities. My mentor has encouraged me to try as many different types of Forest Service work as possible while I am here, so long as I complete all my projects. I have been able to glimpse how various positions within our office work. We have also been able to do fire training through some courses offered by the Forest Service and I am excited to complete that training in the coming months.

Being situated in Wyoming has also provided many travel opportunities. I have been able to go on weekend trips and explore places I would not have been able to otherwise. Recently, we went to Moab, Utah and were able to squeeze camping, hiking, off-roading, climbing, caving, and slot canyons all into one weekend.

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