Making Maps and Visiting Sites

The long Laramie, Wyoming winter continues on, and I’ve been told this is a mild one. As the field season draws closer, the Routt and Medicine Bow National Forests, along with the Thunder Basin National Grassland have been furiously preparing for campgrounds and trailheads to open in May. Part of this preparation involves printing and designing new kiosk signs for dozens of recreation sites. The other interns in Laramie and I have been working hard to design these signs, which prove quite difficult when we have been to very few of the recreation sites. We have been working with staff across Wyoming and Colorado to develop site maps for each campground and trailhead, along with pertinent site information. Every sign and map have gone through several phases of edits and proofreading to ensure that they are accurate. With this work it is the hope that signs can be ordered and installed before the summer!

In addition to the mapping and graphic design work, I have also been tasked with some campground designs. Through the tireless work of local partners and staff at my field station new funding opportunities have been opening in the form of grants. This has allowed us to greatly expand the scope and potential of my designs. With the extra money and time, I have been able to address the core cause of issues for users and natural resources, while speaking to more stakeholders and staff who can inform me on such problems. I have begun working on drawings and conceptual plans with the cooperation of recreation staff, engineers, and local partners. This collaborative work to solve natural resource and recreation problems is what excites me most about the rest of my Resource Assistantship.

Doing concepts for some other sites before focusing on the design I was tasked with.
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