Moose have great PR.

*Whew* This month went slow, but the days went fast. I celebrated my birthday earlier this month and had so much fun. I had a photoshoot with my extremely talented roommate, went to the movies, and treated myself to self-care day. The University of Wyoming has a couple of museums on their campus, and I got a chance to visit the Art Museum. I went to my first roller derby and played some tennis. 

The farmers’ almanac says summer won’t start until June 20th or so. The time for more summer activities is approaching, slowly but surely. I have created a summer bucket list and pray I can accomplish everything that has been listed and more! I encourage everyone to create their own too! Be INTENTIONAL about your goals and the experiences you want to have in life. 

Outside is starting to feel like spring. Sometimes. One benefit of warmer weather is an increase in field days! Very soon I will go out to MBRTB sites mostly doing survey work and occasionally residence monitoring. . To prepare for field season, I went defensive driving. My supervisors, colleague, and I went to Saratoga, visited a couple of campsites, and the Brush Creek-Hayden (BCH) Ranger District office. On our way to the BCH office, we saw a moose! Since moving out here, it seems like every route is the scenic route, and I love it. 

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