Prineet Anand – Birding & Fishing in the Rockies + Weekly Duties

What's It Like to be a F&F Intern at Rocky Mountain National Park?

It’s fun. That’s it, moving on. Just kidding! My day to day includes a mixture of either running birding or fishing programs, working at the visitor center, stationing our RockyLab, or simply roving around the park. Up to this point, I’ve shadowed 3 bird programs and have run 1 bird walk at the Upper Beaver Meadows Trail. This trail has lots of opportunities to see many bird species, and I’m always happy to share my birding knowledge with both experienced and inexperienced birders who wish to participate!

Roving is probably my favorite part of working here at Rocky Mountain National Park. Feeling the cool mountain air whoosh against your face while driving is such a unique feeling. During my roving ventures, I get an amazing chance to explore the park and talk to visitors about the history of the place they’re visiting. While exploring the park, I’ve encountered some amazing creatures such as Elk, Moose, Coyotes, Prairie Falcons, and even a Bobcat! With Trail Ridge Road now being open after being covered with snow, I plan on extending my roving to higher elevations in search of some other awesome wildlife. 

Additonally, I either shadow or run 5 birding/fishing events events per week. I’m purposefully trying to put more of a focus on fishing events since that’s where I tend to have the highest learning potential. While line snags, line tangles, and lost lures/bait tend to be a point of frustration, fishing has taught me about being patient in order to be rewarded. I still haven’t caught my first fish, but I know I soon will. So far, interacting with the kids and seeing their willingness to learn how to fish is super inspiring, and it pushes me to be a better teacher and learner. This past week, I was able to reel in my first fish (Rainbow Trout) at Lake Estes afterone of my coworkers was able to get it hooked, but I’m soon hoping hook and reel in my own little fishy.

Birding in RMNP has been nothing short of a thrill. In just a little more than 2 weeks of being here, I’ve documented 100 bird species, with around 26 new birds thus far for my life list. Bird highlights include both Prairie & Peregrine Falcons, American Dipper, Great Horned Owl (VIDEO BELOW), American Goshawk, and Red Crossbill. I soon hope to see some of my other target species such as Brown-capped Rosy Finch, White-tailed Ptarmigan, and Lazuli Bunting. I’ve been getting some great photos of wildlife, and I plan on creating a google drive with my photos that I’ll share with everybody soon. If you want to follow my birding journey, here’s a link to a live report of the birds that I’ve seen.: Hope y’all aren’t getting ROMO FOMO. Bye!


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