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Hello everyone! Sadly, this is my last blog post with EFTA. I decided to accept a job offer with the Florida Wildlife Commission working as a permanent Geographic Information Science (GIS) technician in the spatial data center, assisting with marine conservation projects for the state of Florida, and will be starting on June 7th. Since my very first GIS class during my undergraduate degree, I have been interested in pursuing it as a career. However, after graduating from my Bachelor’s, I had not been successful in securing a position or internship in GIS. Instead, I pursued opportunities I was offered in botany and ecosystem restoration, which I loved but I always tried to incorporate GIS as I could in my positions and missed using it more. I also enrolled and graduated with master’s in GIS and geography with the goal to pursue this career more seriously, so all that to say I am really excited about this new opportunity!!

I will miss my team the most (the species group with the Eastern Planning Service Group), they have been the most supportive and welcoming group of individuals. I also wanted to give a special shout out to my mentor, Amy, and my fellow Resource Assistant, Viviana. Starting a new position fully remote hasn’t been the easiest, but my team have made it as seamless as possible.

This past month we have continued to work on Species of Conservation (SCC) lists and developing best practices to develop these lists. We also presented our PowerPoint presentation on SCC to multiple partners at the regional office! We have also worked on developing a new application through Microsoft Power Apps to better evaluate and analyze threats to species on our primary Species of Conservation list. Overall, I have been trying to wrap up any projects I have been working on and making sure my team has all the data and work that I have done for SCC!

Here are pictures of an Anhinga that I saw nearby my place after work hours, preparing to take off on to new adventures! And a screenshot of one of our team meetings with most of the members on the species group 😊

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  • Katherine Shorten
    Posted at 11:54h, 12 June

    It was awesome to have you as an intern. Congratulations Jade!