Spring on Superior NF

May brought spring flowers and showers here in northern Minnesota. It’s been warming up into the 60s the past few weeks and the buds and leaves have exploded into beautiful shades of green and red. Everywhere I go, dogwoods are blooming with their white flowers, as well as yellow dandelions.

I’ve had a busy past several weeks filled with trainings, seasonal pond inventory, riparian planting, culvert surveys, and more. And I learned the hard way happens when you forget to check the weather and don’t bring your rain gear! Now I always carry my rain pants in my pack. Apparently, being on Lake Superior makes the weather sporadic and hard to predict.

Documenting a seasonal pond, beginning of May, pre-green-out
What happens when you don't bring your rain gear

I got to do a lot of new things this month – including spending a day seeing what it’s like to be an interpreter. I helped the forest’s Education Specialist present to 6th graders at a city-wide learning day called “River Quest” down in Duluth/ Superior. This was essentially a field trip for the kids where they learned about the local river. We presented to 24 different groups of kids that day! We used the “stream table” below – which my mentor, the Fisheries Biologist, built, to simulate stream processes and explain how land managers can prevent stream degradation when using the forest, such as properly sizing culverts and leaving a stream buffer when logging. 

Presenting the "stream table" to 6th graders at a city-wide learning day
Planting tree seedlings
In Wilderness First Aid class - one of many trainings this month
Surveying culverts for replacement - using a laser to measure elevation
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