Is May lowkey the best month or did I just miss the color green?

May has been the best month of the year so far, probably due to the high amounts of green and flowers making its way to the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain range. We are always last to the pretty spring party, but it is always worth the wait. In terms of what my job has been the last month… it’s still a lot of computer time. BUT monitoring season is just around the corner and I cannot wait. Right now, there’s a lot of back and forth coordinating with permit holders on permit specifics that they need, from helping wedding planners figure out the layout of where they’re going with a shuttle bus to helping book our auditorium with the Mammoth Lakes Film Festival! A lot of moving parts and it’s only a fraction of my job, it’s been a very learn as you go and as situations arise kind of deal and I’m enjoying that each day is a whole new day with a whole new set of problems to solve.

I’m also in the middle of planning a trip to Alaska! Which is work related because I will be taking a Wilderness First Aid class out there! I’m currently in the middle of plotting out all the hikes I can tackle in the small window of time I’m there and I can’t wait, so if anyone has been, please share! Hiking season here is a week or two away while we all anxiously await the snow to melt to make travel a little easier. I recently skinned (which means putting skins on your backcountry skis as a way of travel over snow, much better than postholing!) and got to swim in my first backcountry lake of the season, I only lasted about a minute but always a treat!

My last exciting update of the month was learning to fly fish with my friend Halley on the Owens River! Technically I’d done a few times before, but it wasn’t very successful or pretty to watch because the learning curve on fly fishing is steep so the more you can practice, the better. Doesn’t hurt to always get the chance to fly fish on one of the most beautiful rivers in California.

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