May & Mares

Once upon a time, I would have told you I knew how to ride a horse. Not well, but I had done it a few times. How hard could it be was my mentality. But if you asked me today, I would have a completely different answer.

                The begin of May is when the Pagosa Ranger District goes and picks up their horses and mules from winter pasture. Since then, I have had 3 lessons, gone out on 3 trail rides, and have had half a dozen days dedicated to moving pastures or catching them for various reasons, and as it turns out I most definitely do not know how to ride a horse. The beauty in all of it is that I am learning, something I would have never had the chance to do without this job.

                Each one has their own little personality. Rain Man is a beautiful paint horse and lately has been the ringleader for the heard. If Rain Man does not want to work that day, good luck catching any of them in pasture. Clyde and Betty are both gentle giant mules and Betty is so tolerant of my lack of knowledge that she is usually my pick on riding days. Dolly is a young mule with a wild spirit. Joe Dirt gives you wild eyes, but in all actuality, he is just a little nervous and if you are gentle with him, he is gentle with you in return. Lastly, there is Mad Max. The smallest in the herd and arguably the feistiest.

                A large part of my job now has to do with planning multiday hitches and going to horse trainings, with a little paperwork in between. All in all, Hannah is becoming a horse girl, and I am pretty thrilled about it.

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