Pacific Preservation Summit

View of Umatac Bay through the window of the Spanish fort, Fort Soledad.

     Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Pacific Preservation Summit. This was a two-day event hosted by the Guam Preservation Trust. The first day I watched a series of lectures related to different projects related to historical preservation by different community members and organizations. The National Park Service had a VR presentation eipicting the start of WWII. I got to experience pearl harbor as if I were on the US ships being bombed and as the Japanese pilots doing the bombing. It was very cool! I also attended a presentation about the lancheru project, an initiative to record familial land before the war. 


    On the second day we went out into the community to hear the stories directly from members of the community. Stories included what it was like before the war, the history of their villages, and what it was like growing up for our elders. 

In the village Malesso’, we stopped to see some of the community projects and were greeted by at least 500 Brown Noddys. These birds are a migratory species that stops on Guam on their way to… somewhere? I’m not sure where they’re heading but they come and go. Just don’t walk under the trees they’re roosting in lest you be blessed with good luck. 

Oh, and about those community projects I was talking about, here is one of them. A coconut Christmas tree made last Christmas. Scheduled to be taken down back in January, the people of Malesso’ liked it so much they decided to keep it. Now, some of the coconuts are even sprouting. 

Overall, it was a great experience and I hope to have more opportunities like this in the future. See you in the next post. Bye!!

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  • Kina Lewis
    Posted at 18:17h, 06 June

    Very nice! I love the photos and videos.