Beginning of Field Season

Late May and early June are the start of field season in Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest. Some of the snow melts off and the byway through the forest opens up to vehicle traffic. Despite there still being many feet of snow, many families drive the byway the first weekend it’s open so that they can see the forest. We took our first full field day to explore the forest and drove the byway. We went up pretty early in the morning and got to see a moose.

Once we got further up the byway there were countless trailheads and campgrounds. Many were still covered in snow and I’m excited to explore them during summer. We stopped at one campground to take a look at one of the new kiosks. Bottle Creek is one of the first campgrounds to have one of the maps I made in March. Getting to see my work having been implemented was cool.

Finally, we got to see some more of the towns Wyoming has to offer. One of the towns in our forest is Saratoga and we stopped in to visit their ranger district and meet some of our coworkers in person. Saratoga plays into the Wild West vibe of many of the cities in Wyoming and Colorado. A large part of that atmosphere is genuine but is definitely played up. We drove back down through Encampment and visited the Grand Encampment Museum. This is a museum that displays much of the history of Wyoming and was teeming with deer. The museum also featured a two-story outhouse.

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