First Impressions of Fire Island

Fire Island National Seashore is beautiful, idyllic, and slow-paced. As one might expect on an island, the air is crisp, cool, and fresh. In addition to sand being everywhere, there is also plenty of green around; boardwalks are lined with lovely Eastern red cedar, Japanese black pine, sweet-smelling bayberry, sea pea, and a variety of tall grasses that sway gently in the breeze.

The beach itself, of course, is gorgeous. Pale sands are littered with a medley of smooth pebbles and brightly-colored seashells. The waves themselves are a lovely turquoise-blue, especially at midday. At this time of year, the water is still pleasantly cool and offers a welcome retreat from this early-summer heat. The birds are interesting here too; there are the regular gulls, of course, but there are also sanderlings, piping plovers, ospreys, and oystercatchers!

The lighthouse itself is a beautiful sight. It stands nearly 168 feet tall and can be seen more than 20 miles off the shore. The former living quarters attached to the tower have been made into a museum showcasing the history of the seashore. I personally have not been to the top of the lighthouse just yet (as I am terrified of heights), but I plan on working up the courage before my season is over.

Overall, the seashore is beautiful and I’m looking forward to enjoying my time here!
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