Diving Right In! Or Should I Say Flying?

Hello and welcome to my blog series! My name is Jocelyn Sanchez and I am so excited to be working as a Monarch Butterfly Technician Intern this summer with Environment for The Americas, across the Midwest. Flying all the way from Chico, California where I earned my B.S. in Animal Science at CSU, Chico in May of 2023, I became inspired by Agroecology Professor Richard Rosecrance, whose unwavering love for all things nature taught me the importance of the relationships between animals, plants, people and their environment. Fortunately I was led to this internship where I hope to further my knowledge in wildlife conservation and inspire others to preserve and celebrate the nature around us. 

1st Instar on Asclepius Syriaca L..

2nd Instar on Asclepius Syriaca L..

My journey began a week ago in Omaha, Nebraska where I’ve already learned so much, like the fact that Monarch butterflies are extremely important because they, like other pollinators, contribute to the health and beauty of our planet. Unluckily so, Monarch populations have decreased over the years and are threatened to be endangered, which brings me to my mission; Surveying Monarch butterfly activity across DoD land using the IMMP protocol. With the help of my peers we hope to gain a better understanding of the impacts land management has on these pollinators and what we can do to improve monarch populations and wildlife diversity as a whole. Follow me as I travel alongside these Monarchs monitoring their activity and exploring the beauty around us!

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  • Micah Lester
    Posted at 16:25h, 20 June

    Excited to find more data and travel with you!