Fishing Clinics

The Valles Caldera National Preserve is home to some of the best fishing that New Mexico has to offer. Anglers from around the country often frequent in hopes of pulling out a 20 plus pound trout in a creek no bigger than a foot in width at certain points. During the summer the National Park Service is offering a vast array of fishing related clinics varying in age and aspect of angling.

So far, we have conducted two clinics. The first one was a general clinic that taught Caldera fishing information, general casting, and a 3-hour window to fish the San Antonio Creek, accompanied by a guide. During these participants learn how to ID native and nonnative fish correctly, and then broke off into groups to learn proper casting techniques. After a short lunch participants break off, each pairing up with a guide to fish for three hours. These clinics are completely paid for by the National Park Service. We work in tandem with New Mexico Trout who provide lessons and volunteers making these clinics possible.

The second clinic was focused on fly casting and fly tying. We hosted a summer camp from Espanola New Mexico in which a group of 20 kids was able to learn the basics of tying your own flies and casting a fly rod. After lunch we then lead them on a hike to see some of the 2,500 elk that live in the Caldera.

These are the first of many clinics to come this summer., all of which will be free to the public in hopes of reaching a larger audience, and certain people who would otherwise not be able to experience the outdoors to the fullest extent.

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