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This month I have been working with the Gila National Forest quite often with updating information about closures, fires, and other pertinent information relating to the forest. It has been awesome learning about this forest and all it has to offer. I didn’t realize how beautiful and majestic it looks until I started receiving web requests to update information on these web pages. When I worked on these web pages my main goal was to encapsulate this beautiful forest by finding the best pictures and describing it in a way that you will feel like you are there. I can’t wait to visit this forest in the near future. Here’s a little information on how it was formed years ago.  The Gila Wilderness area is located within the Gila National Forest in Southwest New Mexico. From an archaeological viewpoint, limited evidence of hunting by Paleoindians (9500-6000 BC) has been found in several highland areas of the Gila, but little is known about the geographic or temporal extent of their occupation of the area. Archaeologists have found widespread evidence of an Archaic culture, referred to as part of the Cochise Culture (6000-300 AD). 

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