Wayne-Hoosier, Cultivating a Cauchy Coalescence

An Antiquated Piece of a Glorious Union from Time Long Gone.

Perhaps the greatest collaboration of the (20th) century besides the joining of man’s foot and the moon’s surface, the Wayne National Forest and the Hoosier National Forest were once one forest, the Wayne-Hoosier, shared under one divine ruler… I mean a singular forest supervisor. Few know this. But ever since losing the Mandate of Heaven for the queen of national forests, the fracture ripped and echoed throughout the midwest, forcing the sisters to be separate operating entities. A goal of my detail was to mend this schism and perpetuate a grand matrimony between the forests to restore their former glory, perchance providence wills. 

 The glory of the olden days in which a little bird beheld upon my ears, a tale time has forgotten, was that of the Wayne-Hoosier.

Another purpose of my detail was to understand similarities in which each forests operates, and how the Wayne can continue to operate similar to the Hoosier. Having a well equipped engineering staff, the Hoosier can mantain large forest facilities, such as a water treatment plant, atop of the average forest usage areas, easing the necessity to contract out work and being able to keep the files and work local. 

 Simply explained by Cauchy’s convergence test (m, n > N =⇒ |am − an| < ε.), the fates of the Wayne and Hoosier are forever intertwined. Fata viam invenient (Virgil, Aeneid X 113).

And to those who deem it impossible, “Nisi credideritis, non intelligetis.”

The Tower

Wayne Hoosier providing the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, 1987. (Picture credits: Left; John Glenn Archives, Right; Ralph Regula Papers).
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